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Overview of the Pottsboro City Government

About City Hall

The City of Pottsboro is a general law city operating under a Council/Manager form of government. Six city council members, including a mayor, are elected by the voting citizens at large. Those six representatives serve the entire City of Pottsboro, there are no city districts or precincts.

Definition of General Law Authority

Under Texas law, there are two types of cities: General Law and Home Rule. General Law cities are broken into Type A, B, and C municipalities and their powers are limited to only what state statutes specifically allow. Some of this authority is very restricted. Home Rule cities are those cities whose population has surpassed 5,000 residents and have held an election where the voting public has adopted a Home Rule Charter. These powers and parameters cannot conflict with state law.

  • General Law - Only powers granted specifically by the state law
  • Home Rule - Self government so long as powers and authority don’t conflict with state law

Council/Manager Form of Government

Cities operate under different types of government: Mayor/Council, Council/Manager, and Commission. Most Texas municipalities operate under the Council/Manager form of government where the Mayor and the Pottsboro City Council appoint and supervise a city manager who is the chief executive officer of the city. The Mayor and Pottsboro City Council are a governing, not an administrative body. Personnel, budget, and other administrative matters are the responsibility of a city manager. However, the budget and tax rate must be approved by the Pottsboro City Council.

Mayor and Council

City Staff 

Planning and Zoning Commission

Pottsboro Community Development Corporation

Keep Pottsboro Beautiful

Pottsboro Area Public Library Operation Board